Are your kids interested in Fortnite, Roblox, or Minecraft? Do they love epic scooter races and bike rides? Do they dream of having extreme nerf battles and fighting arch-enemies? Or are they more into arts, crafts, or painting? How about quiet reading and writing? Swimming with sharks and fighting pirates? Or maybe dressing up as princesses? Then Im their girl. 


My name is Ava Berry, I am 14 years old, an incoming freshman at Granite Bay High School. I live Roseville with my mom, my dad, my dog , and two cats. I love to Scuba Dive and wake board. I also enjoy skateboarding and roller-skating.


I am an artist. I paint, draw, and make creative artwork. I also helped paint a mural for a local food bank. On top of that, I love decorating and organizing. 


I also take joy in doing cheer. I cheered for 3 seasons with the Granite Bay Jr. Grizzlies and 1 season of competitive cheer with GEA, where we were undefeated and won the Nationals championship.


Not only am I creative, I also did acting for many years. I have done about 20 plays at the Roseville Theater Arts Academy in down town Roseville. You might have seen me on t.v! I was in three commercials when I was younger.